Module: updater

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Inheritance diagram of panos.updater

Class Reference

Device updater handles software versions and updates for devices

class panos.updater.ContentUpdater(pandevice)[source]
class panos.updater.SoftwareUpdater(pandevice)[source]
upgrade_to_version(target_version, dryrun=False)[source]

Upgrade to the target version, completely all intermediate upgrades

For example, if firewall is running version 6.0.5 and target version is 7.0.2, then this method will proceed through the following steps:

  • Upgrade to 6.1.0 and reboot
  • Upgrade to 7.0.0 and reboot
  • Upgrade to 7.0.1 and reboot

This method does not support HA pairs.

class panos.updater.Updater(pandevice)[source]

This class is instantiated by the PanDevice class as a software update subsystem